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Hydrosun Floating Solar and Energy Storage Solutions
Hydrosun Floating Solar and Energy Storage Solutions
Hydrosun Floating Solar and Energy Storage Solutions
The Superior Efficiency of Floating Solar

Hydrosun floating solar energy storage solutions offer a unique patented approach installing solar farms over water mass, combined with battery storage. This results in superior efficiency, water conservation and long term renewable energy. Solar energy is the cleanest source of renewable energy, and is the method by which to achieve CO2 emissions reduction targets.


Contributing to water

Hydrosun floating solar is a “dam site” better than the alternative land based options. It conserves lake, dam and reservoir water through shading. It also generates electricity, whereas facilities like the Kurnell desalination plant in NSW, Australia consumes it. Hydrosun energy systems help to achieve water security on an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable basis. 

Renewable Embedded Generation (REG)

HydroSun REG™ and MegaREG™ systems rely on floating solar farms situated on lakes, dams and reservoirs.  The electricity we generate is is stored in lithium or Vanadium Flow batteries.  These storage installations are co-located with dams that can also receive and store locally‐produced wind energy. Effective storage of energy is crucial to the economic viability of solar or wind farm systems.




Hydrosun Floating Solar and Energy Storage Solutions

HydroSun has developed REG™ and MegaREG™. These systems rely on floating solar farms situated on lakes, dams and reservoirs.

Solar onwater can produce up to 20% more electricity than land‐based solar alternatives (because solar panels are cooled by the shaded water beneath). The hotter the environment, the greater the efficiency savings.

Generated energy is stored in lithium or Vanadium Flowbatteries, in installations co‐located with dams that can also receive and store locally‐ produced wind energy.

The creation of truly green, baseload power has only recently become possible through advances in battery storage technology. All the solar energy we generate is stored in a predetermined combination of Lithium Ion and Vanadium Flowbatteries.

We introduce electricity into the grid at high voltage.

Unlike enormous land based solar farms, we install floating solar farms in direct proportion to the needs of local communities. 

Our storage systems allow forinclusion of pre‐purchased wind energy ‐ thus becoming a holistic "Renewable Embedded Generator" (REG).



Hydrosun’s core environmental benefits include:

1) Reducing algae and water weeds (both need sunlight to photosynthesize)
2) Saving water loss through evaporation (delivering efficiencies to existing dams).*
3) Driving efficiencies in current assets.

*Water utility companies managing infrastructure should consider conditions for migratory birds, and other wildlife using new lakes, dams, and reservoirs.


Small Dams

For small man-made dams geared towards safeguarding drinking water supply with a surface area of only a few hectares, we offer a combination of:

  • A floating solar farm situated over the deepest water;

  • A floating barrier encircling the floating units; and paddle wheel, or pumped aeration to ensure water oxygenation.

  • HydroBalls™, to cover the shallow water near the water's edge.

This creates an environment where the shallow water that loses more volume to evaporation is blanketed, yet marine life can access the water surface in the centre of the dam (which will be shaded by solar panels floating above). HydroBalls™ do not prevent stock or native wildlife drinking from dams.

Large Dams

Large water bodies need not be totally covered in solar PV array and Hydroballs™.

Hydrosun Floating Solar and Energy Storage Solutions


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