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According to Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA)[1], the dams that are more vulnerable to climate change will be the larger shallower ones in areas where high evaporation rates are most likely to increase.


Even now, annual loss of water from storages through evaporation can exceed 40 per cent of water stored over a year (Prime et al. 2012).


Rather than invest in expensive desalination plants that use electricity, Hydrosun provides a means by which governments and water utility companies can conserve stored water, whist generating electricity.






Countries the world over have trialled plastic spheres on the surface of water, which have failed to stop evaporation.  In fact, because they revolve, they actually increase the surface area of water bodies, accelerating evaporation


Hydroballs™ are a new technology from Hydrosun which consisting of a hexagonal disk with a weight to anchor them on the water surface.  They’re like interlocking floating mushrooms that connect up to completely cover areas of water close to the shore where evaporation is greatest. 

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