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Hydrosun harnesses renewable resources, utilising environmentally friendly inputs, and makes a practical and affordable contribution to society.


We believe the best future source of energy is effectively harnessing the availability of our most plentiful resource; the sun.


HydroSun is geared towards protecting our environment on several fronts. We provide a way for governments to adopt reliable and renewable energy.

Intermittent energy sources (unstored wind and solar) can be disruptive in a devastating way, or if introduced into the grid in an unpredictable way. Hydrosun allows governments to actively reduce CO2 emissions from coal-fired power stations, without risking energy supply failure.

We also conserve water by shading water bodies, in a way that allows natural ecosystems to flourish. This is a in contrast to plastic sheeting options that prevent water aeration which devastates aquatic ecosystems.


Rather, we shade water to reduce water weeds and algal blooms whilst allowing airflow to interact with the water surface. We can even introduce paddlewheels or piped air to further add to water body aeration in order to prevent stagnation.

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