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Challenges and opportunities in resources and energy technology


Instability in electricity supply is accepted as a fact of life in many regional and rural towns as they are at the end of the power line.


Country towns and rural communities need increased and affordable power to run businesses and retain resident populations.


This can be rectified by reallocating estimate forward budget outlays for traditional electricity generation to Hydrosun's decentralised renewable generation solution and battery storage.


Decentralising power generation will save an enormous amount of energy currently lost in transmission.


Currently the lost power in transmitting vast distances along power lines is approximately 5% both in the USA1 and Australia2.


Additionally, coal fired power requires burning more than is required in order that population centre demand is met at any given time resulting in massive wasted and lost electricity every day.


Hydrosun stores excess energy and delivers it at peak hours when it is needed most.


Land-based solar does not represent the latest technology and is inefficient compared to water-borne solar farms.

1. USA Energy Information Administration

2. Trading Economics Australia

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