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Hell's Gate Dam to Make or Break the Turnbull Government.

Water security continues to be an issue in Australia.

Consider this; 12 years ago when NSW was in drought, the State Government installed a desalination plant at a cost of $1.3bn. That same year, founder of the Latina Pasta brand Soren Lunoe invented HydroSun Floating Solar, which Christopher Pyne describes as “another great Australian invention”.

Had NSW opted to spend $675 million instead installing a floating solar farm on Warragamba Dam, the water saved from evaporation through shading would have exceeded the amount desalinated by that plant, and the energy produced would exceed the amount of energy required to run the desalination plant. The adoption of floating solar would have achieved, in effect, twice the bang for half the buck.

Click here to read the full article in the Townsville Bulletin.

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