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Water Problems Solved at Townsville

Australian renewable energy company HydroSun calls on all political parties contesting the upcoming Queensland election to back its proposal for a 40MW floating solar farm for Ross River Dam, connected to a 200MWh vanadium flow battery for Townsville.

This is firstly about economic value

capture from new Queensland mining activity through to the establishment of a vanadium flow battery factory for Queensland. One Nation's pitch to voters in WA was right to the extent that that Queensland shouldn't be "digging and shipping minerals" only to re-import the end manufactured product.

HydroSun agrees with Premier Palaszczuk that for the foreseeable future, the Queensland economy will rely on coal fired generation as "the backbone of our economy". HydroSun is a renewable energy company that not only seeks to produce clean energy, it intends to download cheap off peak coal fired power at night when it isn't required, store that energy in a vanadium redox battery and reinsert it into the grid at peak demand times.

HydroSun supports Prime Minister Turnbull's "innovation boom", and agrees with the Queensland Premier that it should deliver "jobs for now and jobs for the future".

Both floating solar and vanadium flow batteries are Australian inventions that have long been adopted all around the world to generate renewable energy and to store large amounts of dispatchable power.

Cities like Townsville should benefit from water security of floating solar (which reduces evaporation, algae, water weeds and bacteria). Australian towns and cities should focus on floating solar, which produces 19% more electricity than land based solar. Australian people should also benefit from jobs that will flow from local manufacturing of flotation devices and battery storage.

And finally we should get behind proven and successful Australian innovations that can drive down electricity prices and deliver stability in the system -- such as vanadium flow batteries which cost a third the price of a lithium ion battery alternative.

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